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Victoria Brook's Greatest Escapes Travel Webzine is a candid and honest worldwide guide to fabulous places, adventure travel, offbeat travel, cheap travel, cyber travel, business travel, romantic escapes, retirement and great deals.

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Victoria Brooks

An odd tale set nowhere and about nothing but the human heart.

Recent Articles:

Residence on the Rocks (Paradise Regained)

Victoria Brooks

A villa exquisitely fashioned from Colonial times in Africa and South East Asia

I am Mena House

Victoria Brooks

A luxurious stay in the incomparable and historic Mena House Hotel overlooking Egypt's Great Pyramid Kufu has Victoria's imagination conjuring up a lusty lovelorn story where Mena House's famous walls literally have ears

The Caves of Hercules

Victoria Brooks

A 'burnt-out-case' wanders aimless and carefree in an exotic landscape far from home in both thought and temperament.

Mashed Sweet Potato Recipe

Recipe by the Caves

A perfect exotic alternative to mashed potatoes.

A recipe excerpt from Famous Faces, Famous Places and Famous Food.

Chasing 'Papa'

Victoria Brooks

Smoking and drinking with Hemingway's ghost

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