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Author Information: Victoria BrooksAuthor

Victoria began her traveling career at ten when she and her family crossed the Atlantic (New York to Le Havre) on a summer holiday. During the cruise she lost both her shoes while dangling her legs under the ships railing ... she had a pen in paper in hand and was describing the ocean view. That same trip, when traveling by train through Europe, she made copious notes about the Louvre, and about her impressions and experiences in foreign countries.

The summer of her second year in University, she and a friend drove in her sunset-colored Carmen Ghia from Seattle through Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. They camped the entire way. Victoria learned how to shake out her shoes for scorpions, sleep in the rain, and she learned that pointing at a map when asking locals what road to take didn’t work because not everyone could read. On this trip Victoria never drove her own car, but was busily researching the best places to go, and of course made copious scribbled notes about the trip. Nothing had changed.

Since then, Victoria has gotten blood-poisoning from a too friendly Caribbean spider; contracted meningitis on the road in Australia; has had allergic reactions to flea bites in the Canal de Tortuguera, Costa Rica; and has developed a love / hate relationship with mosquitoes (they love to bite her eyelids while she sleeps—she hates them for this!). Their intrepid son, Tyson has had food poisoning in Central America; altitude sickness also in Central America; something called water pox in Indonesia; and he and his mother both suffered from massive, itching flea bites when they visited orangutans in Borneo. font>

Only one thing has changed—now Victoria takes pictures too. And she continues to love the experience of travel, make copious notes, and to write about it.

Publishing Credits

Victoria Brooks is a successful travel writer, editor, and five times published travel guidebook co-author. Her stylish mood pieces have been published in various North American publications including DreamScapes (national tabloid-style publication for Canadian American Express members and inserted in the National Post), Menz magazine, trips, Distinction and The Professional Traveler magazine. Worldwide, her work can be seen at http://www.shark.com (a Greg Norman Interactive publication), as well as here at http://www.greatestescapes.com.

Victoria’s latest project, Literary Trips: Following in the Footsteps of Fame is an anthology based on famous writers who brought fame to their surroundings. The book brings literature to the world of the traveler. Comprehensive guidebook information at the end of each story makes the book a first of its kind. Victoria is General Editor, and has contributed three of the 24 stories including the lead story Paul Bowles: Dreaming in Tangier. Victoria followed the aged Bowles to his apartment in Tangier after a dream she had about him. Paul Bowles agreed to write the Foreword to Volume 1 for her against all odds. The brilliant Bowles suffers from severe glaucoma and had stopped writing. Victoria also contributed the stories "Hemingway’s Cuba" and "Ian Fleming and Noel Coward’s Jamaica." The book will be launched across North America spring 2000.

Vanessa Berkling, Editor-in-Chief of Millionaire magazine said, "Victoria Brooks takes you on an adventure in magnificence and style. A connoisseur of travel, Victoria Brooks brings explorations for the spellbound traveler and a philosophy of literature born out of the delight of discovering remote places. Literary Trips: Following in the Footsteps of Fame is without doubt the best."

Specialty Travel Index said of Literary Trips, "This collection of captivating and informative tales will enrich the experience of the traveler to these destinations."

Professional Memberships: Victoria has a degree in English Literature and has studied journalism. She is an active member of the American Society of Travel Writers (SATW) the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA), the Writers Union of Canada (TWUC), the Periodical Writers Association of Canada (PWAC) and the Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC).