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Washington, USA

Rain, Rescue and Rattlesnakes

Always looking for adventure,Tyson Brooks finds more than he bargained for. His search for drier, sunnier climes lands him in even worse weather and imminent peril on the rough waters of Lake Chelan, Washington.

The Alexis

Seattle's boutique hotel the Alexis indulges lovers...

Sea-Monkeys Love to Travel Too

The Sea-Monkey Answer Lady takes the Sea-Monkeys with her on her own above sea adventures.

Touring the Tombstones in Your Town

Our "Urban Traveler" becomes a holidaying taphophile and digs up the dirt on some very famous figures...

The Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic

Goaded by a friend, our adventure correspondent makes his debut as a touring cyclist on one of the largest mass bicycle rides in the United States, the Seattle to Portland classic.