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Florida, USA

The Flying Wallendas - What Makes Them Fly?

Thanksgiving at "The Colony" on Longboat Key means going to the circus. James D. Priest gets the scoop on the daredevil family of high wire walkers from the latest Wallenda.

Travelling First Class on a Budget Vacation

Only Howard Hian, our indispensable "Practical Traveler", could find a way to go on a luxury vacation to South Beach, Florida, on a budget. The food and fun of South Beach are within reach as are the pleasures of The Spa at the nearby Doral Resort.

Little Palm Island

Guests are quick studies when they realize that doing nothing can be a thing to do. Here is a place where you can do nothing in high style.

Jacksonville Grand Slam (and thank you ma'am)

A self-admitted duffer plays around.

Miami Nice

A reminiscence of a wild musical concert in the early ‘70s, and back in the present, the bar at Yucas and Albita, the Cuban songstress that flew Castro’s Cuban coop.

Found: New Town in a Funky Florida Location

Our practical traveler heads off to a drop dead gorgeous resort on Florida's beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

Chalet Suzanne

Lovers make encore visits to heart of Florida's most romantic inn. Photographs by Terry Zinn.

Pass the Cigars: Tampa's Latin Quarter is Reborn

Who needs Havana when you can smoke 'til dawn in Tampa's trendy Latin Quarter.

Destination -- Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is a haven for nature lovers. This is historic America, a place with a checkered past and a literate history.

How to Wrestle a 'Gator...and Other Fun at Florida's Silver Springs

Walk on the wild side in the footsteps of stars including Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan, and Sean Connery as James Bond in Never Say Never Again.

Hemingway Aura Still Big Draw in Trendy Key West

Every year on July 21, Hemingway fans flock to an extravagant Spanish colonial house in Key West to celebrate the writer’s birthday.

Roughin' It and Lovin' It

Tyson "Adventure" Brooks tosses his bicycle and duffel bag onto a bus in Vancouver and heads to Key West to begin a journey that will take him up the East Coast and on to Europe.

Hunting for Sharks' Teeth

Like an ecotourist Sherlock Holmes, our island hopper does some fancy detective work to uncover fossilized sharks' teeth on a Florida beach.

Into the South – Greetings from Savannah, Georgia

Cycling into the heart of the American South, Tyson "Adventure" Brooks sleeps in a tree house above a swamp and is stung by fire ants.

Shoji Sushi Restaurant Review

Sushi, Zen & You - Experience the Epitome of South Beach Cool. Presenting Shoji Sushi Restaurant and a True Confession.

Miami: From Deco to Decadence

Off the beaten path or on, Miami is one big playground where vibes are red hot and clubs are the coolest.

Tampa's Wild and Wondrous Backyard

"I don't swim, and the thought of a frail canoe being the only thing between me and the jaws of a snapping gaitor makes me quail."

A Gift From the Sea

Make new friends on vacation at Florida’s Rosemary Beach