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Ontario, Canada

Garth's Girls from the Andes

Sheer romantic folly for our adventure correspondent.

Ottawa for the Night Owl in You

Tyson drinks martinis, smokes cigars in Ottawa's dark places, and ogles women in clinging satin and sleeked-back hair.

Ottawa's Most Interesting Museums

A Culture Vulture Tours Ottawa.

Open Cockpit over Ottawa, a Capital Adventure

Our own intrepid adventure correspondent attempts to fly like a bird in the sky over Ottawa.

Romancing the Stones: Castles of Lake Ontario

Dream and dance in three great castles on one Great Lake and try a recipe for Croquettes de Macaroni au Fromage de Stilton.

On Location:

Feathered Friends on the Road Niagara Falls to Ottawa by Bike

Happy to be back in his native Canada, Tyson "Adventure" Brooks mixes it up with bus drivers, birds and politicians while anticipating his flight to Europe.

Toronto Hilton Hotel Review

Our Review Diva recommends the best place to bed down in Canada's own big apple.