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Morocco, Africa

Strolling the Souks of Marrakech

Long the crossroads of Africa and Europe, a waystation for the great caravans, the city throbs with excitement.

Getting to know Mohammed

A sting as smooth as silk in North Africa's medieval medina Fes el-Bali.

Paul Bowles, the Ultimate Dreamer in Tangier, Morocco

A tribute to Paul Bowles, December 30, 1910 - November 17, 1999.

Review: Hideous Kinky

Our "Movie and Book Review Diva". Taste Moroccan dust, smell dirty camels and hear rhythmic folk songs, all without getting up off your sofa.

Yes Sir To The Hammam

The writer bares all to a man dressed only in bicycle shorts in the steamy confines of the Moroccan hamman.

The Caves of Hercules

A 'burnt-out-case' wanders aimless and carefree in an exotic landscape far from home in both thought and temperament.