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GreatestEcapes.com Publishing

Travel and reading about it…life’s GreatestEscapes!

Plan the trip of a lifetime or simply find your adventure between the pages of our books and webzine. GreatestEscapes.com Publishing is devoted to the very finest in travel writing, inspiring the wanderlust of our readers rather than simply giving them a list of sights, restaurants and hotels.

The Literary Trips series published by GreatestEscapes.com Publishing is aimed squarely at those who have become fascinated with a place by a favorite author, and who are as sick of packaged tours as they are weak writing. Equally appropriate in an armchair as in a loaded-down backpack or Gucci bag, the books are meant above all to contain highly-engaging stories, written by some of the best travel writers in the business. They furthermore serve to provide readers with the tools required to visit some key landmarks and emulate the wanderings of favorite authors.

GreatestEscapes.com Publishing also publishes a monthly web zine filled with tales of travel across the globe. It contains not only great writing, but also useful, up-to-date information for travelers planning trips and the opportunity to provide feedback. As a progressive, multimedia publisher, GreatestEscapes.com has a finger on the pulse of a thriving adventurous and literary-minded travel community.